The contract does not include housing for fall, Christmas, and spring breaks. Special living arrangements during these periods are possible in extraordinary circumstances. Please contact the Director of Residence Life about eligibility and pricing.

Fall and Spring Breaks
These mid-semester breaks are set by the university calendar. All campus residences close at 6:00 p.m. on the last regular day of classes prior to the break. All students are required to leave their residence by this time unless they have received prior approval to stay.

Any resident may request to stay during breaks, for any reason. All requests must be submitted online by close of business the 48 hours before the halls close.
• Residents whose homes are further than 300 miles will be approved to stay.
• Residents from within 300 miles may be approved depending on personal need.
• Depending on approved reason, residents may be charged up to a maximum of $300.
• All residents must follow the policies and procedures outlined in the Residence Life Handbook while living on campus. Any violation of University policy may result in dismissal from summer housing within 72 hours of said violation.

The Residence Life department assigns all residents to their residence. Any individual within a residence not assigned to that space is a visitor (e.g. a resident down the hall, a parent or sibling). Guests are non-residents visiting any on campus residence public or private space. Residence Life enforces the following policies for visitors and guests to support the positive living and learning environment for all residents.

The University has established visiting hours in accordance with its Catholic values and the holistic educational mission of the university and Residence Life department. Except for registered overnight guests, visitors are only permitted during the hours listed below. Residents must accompany or host their guests at all times. Non-residents are never permitted within any part of the residence halls without a host. Hosts are responsible for their guest’s behavior at all times, and may be held responsible for their guest’s violations of University policies. Hosts have the responsibility to inform guests of University policies, failure to do so is not an excuse for policy violations guests may commit.

Visitation Hours
Sunday – Thursday 9:00 a.m.– midnight
Friday – Saturday 9:00 a.m.– 2:00 a.m.

Overnight Guests:
Residents are permitted to host guests beyond the visitation hours with the following added policies.
- Residents may host overnight guests only three nights per month.
- Overnight guests must be the same sex as the host.
- The host must receive permission from their roommates via a signed overnight guest form.

Questions or comments regarding this form may be sent to Alton Wade - awade2@cbu.edu