2024-2025 Current Student Residential Housing Agreement

2024-2025 Current Student Residential Housing Agreement

This form serves as your housing agreement and roommate questionnaire for the next academic year. You will need your CBU Student ID in order to complete this process.

Residency Expectation
The residency expectation supports Christian Brothers University’s educational philosophy that emphasizes the value of community and close student interactions. In addition, the requirement is in keeping with the University’s policy of maintaining reasonable costs by maximizing occupancy of residential spaces.

All full-time undergraduate students are expected to reside in university housing for their freshman and sophomore years. For transfer students, residency is similarly expected. Allowable exceptions include: married or registered domestic partnership; single parent; student is older than 25 at time of acceptance; extreme medical condition; providing a caregiving function; and those students living at home within 30 miles of the university. Students residing 30 or more miles of the campus wishing to live at home must submit a housing exception request form.

Please be advised, few exceptions to the live-on requirement will be approved. To request an exception, click here. A request for exception from the on-campus requirement does not guarantee nor imply it will be granted. All requests will be reviewed by the appropriate campus committee and their decision will be communicated within ten (10) business days of the submission.

Room Reservation Cancellation Fee
Current students who cancel their housing agreement prior to July 15, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. CST are responsible for paying a non-refundable $500 cancellation fee.  Students who cancel their housing agreement after July 15, 2024 are responsible for paying the full amount of their room and board fees for the academic year. This cost will not be prorated. 

*Students who do not meet the exemptions listed in the residency expectations are responsible for all room and board charges for the entirety of the academic year. 

* Any student who completes an agreement as part of the Housing Sign-Up Process will receive a room assignment, regardless of whether they participate in room selection.
* Students who fully withdraw from the university may receive a refund according to the University refund policy. 


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